Hydro Protocol

Hydro Protocol has initiated its Season 1 Airdrop, allowing over 180,000 eligible wallets to claim their $HDRO token rewards before the deadline on March 26 at 12:59 UTC. Verify eligibility now! About Hydro Protocol Hydro Protocol is the ultimate protocol for Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSD ) and LSDFi on the Injective network, designed to maximize yields through Real Yielding Assets (RYA ), Farming , and Auto-Compounding , aimed at innovating DeFi wealth strategies and liquidity, while integrating Real World Assets (RWA ) for enhanced diversification. $HDRO  is the backbone of Hydro Protocol, engineered to maximize yield generation, encourage governance participation, and foster active engagement in the protocol’s development, while providing benefits for users within the Hydro ecosystem.