Huralya is rolling out its first Airdrop campaign, boasting a substantial prize pool with 80,000 $LYA tokens for the lucky participants and an additional 20,000 $LYA among referrers. Additionally, the top performers will be rewarded with 1,000 "S-Dude " NFTs, underlining Huralya's dedication to fostering community engagement and promoting a healthier planet. About Huralya Huralya is a gaming studio established in 2022, renowned for Huralya Genesis , a game that seamlessly integrates survival, construction, MMO RPG, and strategy elements, immersing players in a post-apocalyptic narrative and eco crises, and introducing an innovative crypto-based monetization system. At the heart of Huralya's ecosystem lies the $LYA token, facilitating in-game transactions and rewards for players, thereby ensuring platform sustainability. Furthermore, the "S-Dude " NFT collection enriches gameplay and adds value through unique in-game assets.