Step into the magical realm of Munchables 👾, where the thrilling Lockdrop event unfolds, offering a fusion of fantasy and opportunity. Begin a journey filled with wonder and riches, as you connect with your on-chain companions. In the Munchables universe, each element 🔥❄️🌊🌳🌞 sets the stage for your adventure, guiding you through realms of mystery and potential. Navigate a world rich in magic and treasure, shaping your legacy in this vibrant landscape. About Munchables Munchables is an innovative GameFi venture built on Blast  that adds evolving NFTs into the mix, immersing players in a world where Schnibbles thrive across various realms, each boasting unique rarity  attributes that influence how Munchables react based on their compatibility. Players strategically engage in activities such as harvesting Schnibbles and feeding Munchables, with a maximum capacity of 6 in their Snuggery, allowing them to earn Munch Points distributed daily, which serve as a vital aspect of gameplay.