Crypto Valleys

Embark on an electrifying adventure with @CryptoValleys , the ultimate on-chain pixel-art game on Blast ! Earn $YIELD tokens, Blast Golds, and Points as you dive into an immersive farming experience like no other! About Crypto Valleys Crypto Valleys (CV) is an on-chain pixel-art game where players develop their Valley, farm, form Adventurer parties, and embark on Expeditions, featuring a self-sustaining economy that relies on strategic gameplay instead of token emissions. Key elements include Seeds & Farming , Adventurers & The Guild , and Food & Cooking , offering diverse progression paths. $YIELD is the native currency of Crypto Valleys, deployed on the Blast network, earned through farming and questing, and allowing purchases of Items & Equipment  and Seed Packs , while also facilitating Valley Upgrades , character customization, and participation in Weekly Competitions , with xYIELD & yYIELD enhancing the economy through passive income.