ZetaChain - Pre-Claim

Since its launch in October 2022, the ZetaChain Testnet has been pivotal in the development of the ecosystem. Now, as they prepare for the ZetaChain 1.0 Mainnet launch, they've announced the inaugural ZetaChain Genesis Airdrop , a heartfelt token of appreciation to ZetaLabs users. A jaw-dropping 31,500,000 $ZETA coins are up to be claimed, shifted from the massive 68 billion ZETA Points earned based on a snapshot taken on August 20, 2023. Check your eligibility now! About ZetaChain ZetaChain stands as the world's premier Layer 1 decentralized public blockchain network, driving cross-chain efficiency, streamlining asset transfers across various chains, and eradicating the need for token wrapping or locking, thus elevating overall blockchain efficiency. At the core of the ZetaChain ecosystem lies the $ZETA token, used as the native coin for gas fees, empowering cross-chain transactions, and enhancing network security.