Rio Network - Testnet

Rio Network has unveiled its Testnet, inviting users to explore its flagship product, reETH , which provides access to risk-managed ETH total return without sacrificing liquidity, with the potential for a retroactive $RN Airdrop post-TGE. During this phase, Rio Network aims to achieve three goals: battle testing security and usability, onboarding operators for future sets, and providing a development for integration partners. About Rio Network Rio Network transforms restaking through EigenLayer with a curated set of Actively Validated Services (AVS ), ensuring optimal risk-managed access to rewards , allowing users to earn from Ethereum validation and AVS stacking via the reETH token, overseen by node operators . Despite potential penalties like slashing , AVS offers additional rewards, aligning with Rio's goal to integrate more services, bolstered by the backing of over 50 prominent investors .