Rabby Wallet

Rabby Wallet by DeBank introduces Rabby Points, encouraging users to switch from ğŸ¦Š and accrue points for potential future retroactive Airdrops. Earn points based on EVM wallet balances at snapshot, with extra rewards from simple on-chain activities and previous Swaps. Claim now for endless rewards! About Rabby Wallet Rabby Wallet is a game-changing web3 wallet for Ethereum and all EVM chains, revolutionizing transaction security with its pre-sign check feature that allows users to see exactly what they are signing and displays the estimated balance change before any transaction, ensuring unparalleled security.  Additionally, Rabby Wallet automatically switches to the appropriate blockchain based on the visited website and ensures compatibility with all ÐApps , encompassing a vast network of 129 mainnet and testnet chains to streamline the user experience