Fantasy's Private Access Testnet Airdrop is live! Secure your slot for the most fun, rewarding, fantasy gaming experience on the Blast L2 Testnet. Grab your spot quickly – limited slots! In addition, 80% of the Blast Developers Airdrop will be redistributed to the community, the more FAN points you collect, the greater your share. Ready to get Started? About Fantasy Fantasy is a revolutionary SocialFi Trading Card Game where players leverage trading cards of crypto Twitter influencers, capitalizing on their ability to strategically select influencers with significant market influence and social media presence. With weekly competitions rooted in the real-world performance of these influencers, the game merges gaming and finance, further enhanced by Blast L2's gas refunds and 4% passive yield. Fantasy Heroes  receive 1.5% royalties from card trades and gain additional FAN Points.