Innovative crypto neobank is spearheading the drive for wider cryptocurrency acceptance. The platform functions as a unified hub for managing digital assets, akin to traditional fiat holdings. With an upcoming multi-cryptocurrency crypto card, users can transact directly with minimal fees. Notably, the service features crypto-fueled IBAN accounts, deflationary SPEND tokens, NFT-backed loans, B2B utilities, and robust security measures. Going beyond a mere wallet, seamlessly integrates non-custodial wallets through WalletConnect, promising a comprehensive user journey and full fund insurance. The pivotal SPEND token delivers perks such as card upgrades and cashback, underscoring the push for global crypto adoption. Furthermore, CryptoWallet is generously gifting a collective sum of 1,000,000 SPEND to participants who engage in the giveaway campaign. To stand a chance, register and fulfill stipulated tasks. A pool of 10,000 winners will be chosen at random, each receiving 100 SPEND.

TaskOn: A Web3 Task Collaboration Platform to Create, Collaborate and Reward
TaskOn is a task collaboration platform for your marketing and operation purpose. you can easily publish any campaigns you want. It’s a web3 free version Gleam.