XRP Wallets Holding At Least 1 Million Coins Nears All-Time High As Sentiment Improves

With the crypto market on the rise once again, XRP has seen positive headwinds and this has triggered an improvement in sentiment among investors. This positive recovery has seen more crypto investors move to acquire the altcoin, pushing a very important holder cohort toward new all-time high levels. Wallets Holding More Than 1 Million XRP Nears ATH Over the last year, there has been a lot of selling among XRP investors as the price continued to struggle. This poor performance continued despite Ripple securing multiple partial victories against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) , prompting investors to jump ship. One XRP holder cohort that witnessed a lot of selling is the addresses holding at least 1 million XRP tokens. At current prices, it would mean that these wallets are holding at least $500,000 on the lower end of the cohort, making this the cohort that includes the dolphins and whales . The number of addresses holding at least 1 million tokens had hit its all-time high back in June 2023. But with the price falling, these large holders began to sell, and at one point, the number of wallets sat around 50 wallets below its all-time high of 2,014. However, with the crypto market moving toward another bull market, expectations are that the price of XRP will follow the rest of the market , prompting large investors to return. Data from Santiment, an on-chain data aggregation platform, shows that over the course of 2024, the number of wallets holding 1 million tokens or more rose steadily and by April, this figure is now sitting at 2,013, one wallet away from reaching its previous all-time high, and two wallets away from setting a new record. Why Are Large Investors Returning? One reason why large investors are returning to XRP could be that the indicators are finally turning bullish for the altcoin . There was also an opportunity for these investors to buy the tokens for cheap when the market crashed and altcoins like XRP suffered almost 40% losses. Related Reading: 3 Major Metrics To Watch Out For That Can Impact Ethereum Prices Popular crypto analyst TonyTheBull took to X (formerly Twitter) to reveal the significance of this price crash. According to the analyst, it was the final capitulation shakeout for the altcoin . Comparing it to a similar shakeout in 2017 shows that after this, XRP could go on a massive rally. No, this was the final capitulation shakeout in $XRP https://t.co/Z0uQ2GhS7v pic.twitter.com/qfWC6H8DNv — Tony “The Bull” Severino, CMT (@tonythebullBTC) April 23, 2024 The large investors could be expecting this rally as well, hence, why they have been buying up large amounts of coins. If the 2017 rally is anything to go by, then the XRP price could quickly barrel through $1, printing significant returns for investors.