Wreck League

Step into the electrifying arena of Wreck League , where competitors unleash their Mechs in high-stakes battles for honor, prestige, and exclusive rewards. Dive into real-time PvP combat and scale the leaderboard for a chance to earn coveted prizes only a few can dream of. About Wreck League Wreck League is a groundbreaking venture by @nWayPlayNFT and @AnimocaBrands  in collaboration with @YugaLabs , ushers the next chapter in the evolution of fighting games, competitive gaming, and esports. Players utilize NFTs to craft unique Mechs , entering them into real-time PvP fights. With over 1.5 quadrillion potential mech combinations, the game redefines customization and competitive play. Mechs are composed of 10 distinct Part NFTs , and can be traded, customized, or sold on platforms like OpenSea . Season 1 features an exciting partnership with Yuga Labs  (ApeCoin ), integrating iconic brands like Bored Ape Yacht Club . This innovative game is an AAA-quality fighting game available on mobile and PC, bridging the Web3 and Web2 worlds, and offering both on-chain rewards and in-app purchases.