Undeads Metaverse

The digital realm buzzes with anticipation as Undeads Metaverse unveils 'Undeads Rush ', a survival racing game set to revolutionize the Web3 space with its dynamic gameplay and immersive experience. Adding to the thrill, Undeads Metaverse announces a major airdrop of 10,000,000 $UDS tokens, constituting 4% of the total supply and valued at $3,000,000 , catering to both NFT holders and participants involved in Loyalty and Game Points conversion. About Undeads Metaverse Undeads Metaverse is a NextGen multiplayer MMORPG Play-to-Earn survival game set within a post-apocalyptic metaverse where players can earn $ETH while immersing themselves in action-packed combat between Zombies and Humans, exploring, crafting, and developing NFT characters. Undeads indeed offers a captivating gaming experience. Play, Survive, Earn!