Talis x Injective

Reflecting their ethos "From Monet to Money", Talis has announced an upcoming Airdrop that will reward the artistic flair of its community with up to 50,000,000 $TALIS tokens, constituting 5% of the total supply. As the community anticipates the upcoming snapshots, the Airdrop aims to engage holders and participants in on-chain governance, empowering the community and its users to shape the future of the Talis Protocol. About Talis 🎨 Talis is an innovative NFT marketplace operating on the Injective 🥷 blockchain. It simplifies the creation and exchange of artwork by offering a variety of customizable NFT options, thus enhancing accessibility to the world of digital artistry. The platform's governance is guided by $TALIS token holders, giving them the power to actively shape its direction and uphold principles of inclusivity and transparency in decision-making processes.