Swell x Eigenlayer

In June 2023, the Swell Airdrop  Voyage presented an exciting opportunity to become part of the Swell DAO, signifying a significant milestone in its journey. Building on this momentum, Swell has now stepped into the liquid restaking arena by integrating $swETH into Eigenlayer , the leading liquid restaking protocol, and unveiling the upcoming Restaked Swell ETH (rswETH ). Following this development, users can now engage in a multifaceted reward system by restaking their swETH on EigenLayer to earn an extra 30 Pearls  plus EigenLayer Points . However, this opportunity is time-limited, set to conclude once EigenLayer reaches cumulative 500k ETH . About Swell Swell is a leading-edge liquid staking protocol developed by Swell Labs , designed to revolutionize DeFi access by delivering an exceptional staking experience, and plays a vital role in securing Ethereum 's future. By staking ETH , users not only contribute to the blockchain's stability but also earn rewards in the form of $swETH , a yield-bearing token. At its core, Swell is governed by the Swell DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization representing $SWELL token holders. This governance model promotes transparency and ensures that community-driven decisions shape the protocol's direction.