Shiba Inu Lead Dev Kusama Breaks Silence With Major Updates

The pseudonymous lead developer of Shiba Inu (SHIB), Shytoshi Kusama, has broken his silence and has re-engaged with the community via Telegram, offering insights into the project’s developmental trajectory and responding to pressing queries regarding its future. In a flurry of messages , Kusama unveiled his enthusiasm and strategic engagements aimed at bolstering Shiba Inu’s ecosystem. “Excited to see ALL the incredible projects on Shibarium. Finally, get to come out of quiet mode for all the amazing projects out there,” he said, delineating the ongoing work and collaborations undertaken during his period of silence. He further revealed dialogues with pivotal figures in the ecosystem, saying, “I’ve been talking to VERY important individuals and some top [people] in [the] community for the next phase. Now I can return and support in any way I can as we keep building.” Kusama’s remarks suggest a phase of introspection and strategic alignments, as he mentioned, “We have also been busy with platforms to support the community and begin this network state. Sometimes silence is the best weapon.” Major Progress For Shiba Inu, Leash, Shibarium One of the most significant updates provided was regarding the LEASH token. Kusama outlined a vision where the community is more involved and informed. “Yes. My plan is to build a framework that expresses to the community what YOUR plans, products, and platforms that use leash are… so we all can DOOR. (DYOR) Good plan huh?” he commented, emphasizing the essence of decentralization. “This is the quiet before the typhoon and I can’t wait to learn about all the fantastic projects building with Leash, Shib, Bone or launching on Shibarium.” On the matter of Shibarium’s low usage , Kusama imparted his perspective on broader market trends and token utility. Explaining the relationship between token “burns” and utility, he noted, “Please understand the ‘burn’ increases as the use of Shibarium and Shib (and all tokens in the ecosystem) increase. So I’ve been looking for ways at a zoomed-out level to increase usage with others in our decentralized community.” Kusama also addressed the community’s queries about specific timelines for key developments, advocating for a broader, philosophical perspective on time, indicating that rigid timelines might not be the most effective approach in a complex and evolving ecosystem. He stated, “Because time is infinite. It cannot be framed. BUT if you’re into watches the waves of the world then you know what time it is.” A question regarding Shiba Inu’s integration into mainstream payment systems like McDonald’s and Burger King was met with a pragmatic response, acknowledging the existing challenges in such integrations. “It is available in tens of thousands of retailers but payment systems require deeper thought and integration,” Kusama elucidated, hinting at ongoing strategic deliberations. A noteworthy exchange occurred when a user mentioned the necessity for the Shibarium key for integration with Hoichi, highlighting the importance of community-driven initiatives. The Shiba Inu-based project stated that they “have 30 blockchains active already waiting to connect with Shibarium,” but the key is missing. “I think the Shibarium team reached out and there was confusion on what was needed. Please reach out a second time,” Kusama advised. At press time, SHIB traded at $0.00000722. Remarkably, SHIB managed to close above the neckline of the descending triangle on the weekly chart, which could create a new bullish momentum. The next target could be the descending trend line of the triangle.