Shiba Inu Burn Rate Falls 80%, Is It Time To Sell?

The Shiba Inu community burn rate has seen a significant decline over the last few days. The burn rate which had been on a tear earlier in the month started to recede and has fallen double-digits in the last 24 hours alone. Given that this burn initiative was implemented to reduce supply and increase the price in the process, this decline in burn rate could have an impact on SHIB’s price performance . Shiba Inu Burn Rate Down Over 80% As data from the Shiba Inu burn tracking website, Shibburn, shows, the Shiba Inu burn rate is down more than 80% in the last day. The reason for this decline is lower participation in the burn rate, as investors have turned their focus to the surging crypto market prices. At this time, only 29.98 million SHIB have been burned. Compared to the figures from earlier in the month which often came out above 100 million tokens burned, it shows a serious lack of participation from the Shiba Inu community members. Burns have come from over 40 wallets but the number of SHIB each transaction was carrying was very small, hence the lackluster burn rate recorded at this time. However, on the weekly time frame, the burn rate is faring much better, as the burn tracker revealed on X (formerly Twitter) that it has seen a 61.82% increase. This means that over 362.4 million tokens were incinerated in the seven-day period. Will This Affect The SHIB Price? A look at the Shiba Inu price chart shows that the meme coin has seen a slowdown in its rally over the last day. But this has not completely eliminated the bullish tendencies that the SHIB price has shown. For example, whales are not giving up on the crypto and are instead choosing to accumulate through the twists and turns. As Bitcoinist reported , Shiba Inu whales picked up 4.52 trillion tokens from the market, which saw the price rally resume once more. This shows that these large players expect the price to continue to rally , especially in the short term, making it a good time to be in the cryptocurrency. However, there has been a significant decline in the excitement and participation in the SHIB token . CoinMarketCap data shows a 20.94% decrease in its daily trading volume, which suggests that sellers may be gaining ground. Nevertheless, Shiba Inu has done a good job of sticking with the Bitcoin rally . And if the leading cryptocurrency continues its upward march , Shiba Inu’s tendency to follow the same path will see its value rise despite the decrease in burn rate.