ShanHai GameFi

In celebration of surpassing 10,000  players, ShanHai has initiated a 1,000,000 US$  Airdrop, where players can delve in, play, and stand a chance to earn up to 200 US$ in $DRN  tokens, alongside other exciting rewards.  The Airdrop event concludes on 6th November. Seize this opportunity to grab your share of the $1M treasure before time runs out! About ShanHai GameFi ShanHai is a distinguished 3D fantasy martial arts MMORPG that emerges as a gem in the Play-and-Earn gaming arena, underpinned by the UTON Blockchain. Available on iOS and Android , players are invited to a riveting gameplay experience and a rewarding journey where earning $DRN tokens is part of the adventure. The $DRN token, which can be traded on the BitMart exchange, serves as a conduit between in-game achievements and tangible value, embodying the seamless blend of gaming and earning.