Attention NFT Traders: Claim Your Pixl Airdrop Now!  If you traded on OpenSea and Blur from May 14 to August 14, 2023, you might be in line for the $XFL Airdrop. Check your eligibility! And that's not all - more exciting rewards are coming soon. Dive in! About Pixl Pixl is building a rollup-centric NFT ecosystem, drawing inspiration from its 'Pixelpack' concept and pioneering the future of NFTs in the modular blockchain landscape. Currently live on the Ethereum mainnet, it foresees a shift to bespoke infrastructures for NFT platforms. The future, as seen by Pixl, is one where onchain interactions parallel online activity, all propelled by community-driven NFT tools and steadfast open-source principles. This ambitious endeavor is backed by @ShimaCapital .