Ordinal Rugs x Saturn BTC

Attention Ordinal holders ūüö® @OrdinalRugs is rolling out the $RUG  Airdrop, rewarding holders of select Ordinal projects with valuable tokens. One rug to Rule them all. Don't miss out! In addition, early users of Saturn BTC have the chance to receive various $Rings  Airdrops.  About Ordinal Rugs Ordinal Rugs is a unique collection of 147 hand-drawn Ordinal Rugs inscribed on the Bitcoin  blockchain, blending art with technology. Each rug is linked to date-specific Rare Sats , paying homage to culturally significant 'rugging events' in Bitcoin history, such as Silk Road , Mt. Gox , Bitfinex , BitConnect , and QuadrigaCX . The $RUG token is a bitcoin-native meme token utilizing a novel UTXO -based 'Rings ' standard, offering a finite supply and a unique, fair airdrop distribution without fees, setting it apart from conventional BRC-20 tokens.