Nym Network

Dive into Nym's Shipyard Early Bird Campaign: A colossal 2,500,000  $NYM prize pool, valued at $290,000 , awaits you. By participating, you also unlock firsthand access to the Nym VPN alpha. In this AI-centric era, privacy is the crown jewel. Privacy's future calls - Be at its forefront! About  Nym Network Nym is reshaping digital infrastructure to address the intrinsic Layer 0 challenge where network traffic remains visible and vulnerable. Through its sophisticated Mixnet , Nym encrypts and intermixes internet traffic, offering users an unmatched level of online privacy, a testament to which is its proven efficacy in real-world applications. Central to this revolutionary ecosystem is the $NYM token, pivotal in facilitating payments, evaluating reputation, and allocating rewards. Rooted in the Nyx blockchain , a Layer-1 foundation crafted on the Cosmos SDK , it ensures seamless integration across several chains .