MetaXSeed Games

@MetaXSeed Games boasts a vast game library and is gearing up for its game launcher's alpha test by the end of the month. To mark this stride, they're offering a US$ 10,000 Airdrop in $XSEED tokens to 500 winners. Dive into the next-gen gaming realm! About MetaXSeed Games MetaXSeed Games is a layer 1 chain and web3 studio offering a diverse range of games for mobile, web, and PC platforms, accessible on Google Play , Steam , and MetaXSeed 's proprietary platform. These games integrate NFTs, and AI to revolutionize the "play and earn " paradigm. Supporting this initiative is the XSeed chain , an EVM-compatible gaming blockchain designed to facilitate both the studio's releases and games from their partners. The beta version of this chain is already operational with two test validators. Central to this is the $XSEED token, an essential asset providing a multitude of utilities from in-game transactions to governance.