Manta New Paradigm

Manta Network launches the Manta New Paradigm, a cutting-edge Ethereum Layer 2 platform offering PENTA Yield for ETH and Stablecoins . Backed by $60 million from leading investors, it's the first of its kind in the DeFi space. Manta New Paradigm gains further momentum with an allocation of 50,000,000 $MANTA tokens, adding an extra 3% of its total supply and 2% in special rewards for stakers, marking a significant opportunity for enhanced earnings within the cryptocurrency community. New Paradigm boosts Blast with faster access and more opportunities, unlocking native yields in over 150 Manta Pacific projects. Explore new features and benefits! About Manta Pacific Manta Pacific is a leading Ethereum Layer 2 platform, the first to adopt Celestia for Modular Data Availability, bolstered by significant web3 funding from prominent firms such as BinanceLabs , 0xPolygonLabs  and LayerZero_Labs . Designed for Zero-Knowledge (ZK) applications, it provides low-cost solutions powered by Manta’s Universal Circuits , setting new blockchain standards for both performance and accessibility. Founded by experts from Harvard, MIT, and in partnership with @Stake_Stone & @MountainUSDM , a fully regulated RWA entity, it allows users to deposit $USDC to get wrapped $USDM , the first regulated yield-bearing stablecoin earning yield from US Treasury Bills.