FXDX Exchange

FXDX Exchange  is now live on @BuildOnBase , introducing a notable airdrop event offering 10,000,000 $esFXDX tokens up for grabs. These tokens act as escrowed (vested) versions of $FXDX  tokens. Come mid-November 2023, post the Phase 4 launch, allocations will derive from the total trading volume on the exchange. Astoundingly, rewards can reach up to 1% of the total token supply if the volume ascends to $1B . Do mark the date! About FXDX Exchange FXDX is revolutionizing the decentralized exchange landscape with its innovative approach to perpetual futures and swaps, showcasing standout features such as zero price impact, zero spread, and culminating in 0% trading fees on opening and closing positions. Enhancements also include flat funding rates, the ability to redeem rewards across multiple assets, and a robust secure on-chain trading engine — all supported by prominent backers like @BlockchainFF , @ShimaCapital , and @Ripple . FXDX's roadmap reveals enticing forthcoming features, from a mobile trading app and varied order types to a broadened asset listing and refined cross-chain trading functionalities. Not to forget, FXDX ’s Token Generation Event (TGE ) is slated for 18th September 2023!