Get ready for the ultimate @Forcefi_io Airdrop Campaign! Secure your portion of the impressive 5,000,000 $FORC  prize pool, with a total value of $100,000 . Over the next 6 weeks, the more you participate, the more tokens you will earn! Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity! 🚀 About Forcefi Forcefi is a decentralized and permissionless launchpad operating on Arbitrum , empowered by a network of independent curators . It pioneers a novel approach to Web3 fundraising by providing a token sales platform where projects can join by paying a modest fundraise fee , and they have the option of using their own smart contracts or leveraging Forcefi's infrastructure. Curators can monetize their influence and skills on a retroactive basis, earning rewards , while investors gain access to vetted early-stage projects, reviewed and endorsed by curators. The $FORC token is central to the Forcefi ecosystem, providing various benefits to holders. Staking FORC grants access to platform activities, and a share of platform revenues . Additionally, the token incorporates deflationary mechanisms such as buybacks and burns, increasing scarcity and reducing the total supply.