FDJ Land

The Alpha and Beta portals to @FDJland  are opening, igniting a riveting chase for Mystery Boxes laden with Golden Keys 🗝️ — your golden ticket to the unparalleled experiences FDJ Land has to offer on @TheSandboxGame . Dive headfirst into the thrill and vie for your share of exceptional prize pools, including 777  $SAND  and a grand total of 249 Mystery Boxes. The time to collect your CRATES is now — don’t miss out! 🪂 About FDJ Land FDJ Land, officially launched in 2023 by the renowned Groupe FDJ —France's leading lottery operator and a global leader in the industry—emerges as a digital masterpiece within The Sandbox  metaverse. It goes beyond mere gaming, presenting a virtual realm of limitless possibilities, where play becomes an adventure, a challenge, and an exceptional opportunity to engage in something extraordinary. FDJ Land promises an ever-evolving journey, brimming with perpetual thrills and exhilaration — extending a warm welcome to players from every corner of the globe to embark on an epic odyssey filled with exploration, adventure, and the allure of exclusive prizes.