Unleash the thrill of the DockHive Zealy Campaign! Dive in, engage, and embark on a journey of exceptional rewards; every XP point you amass comes with the promise of conversion into coveted $DHT tokens. It's more than a venture; it's a golden ticket to unparalleled rewards with DockHive! About DockHive DockHive is pioneering a shift in the container infrastructure landscape with its cutting-edge approach to decentralized hosting, anchored by a distributed Docker Infrastructure Network designed to offer businesses and developers a streamlined deployment and management of container-based applications. Driven by its native $DHT token, an ERC-20 asset on Polygon , this token serves multiple vital roles, from incentivizing node engagement to powering consensus mechanisms and anchoring decentralized trading. DockHive is in phase 1 of its 5-phase roadmap!