- token browser is a comprehensive token browser that provides users with a safe and convenient way to access information about their tokens. It features an anti-scam filter and enables users to view current prices, charts, and transactions for tokens from various blockchain networks. - token browser

Dexer presale is currently live - Buy DXR tokens is a comprehensive token browser that provides users with a safe and convenient way to access information about their tokens. It features an anti-scam filter and enables users to view current prices, charts, and transactions for tokens from various blockchain networks. Additionally, Dexer allows users to easily share this information on social media, discover new tokens, and make swaps at competitive prices. With automatic posts, signals, and orders, users can effectively manage their token investments around the clock. Overall, Dexer is a valuable resource for both experienced and novice users in the decentralized market, as it simplifies the process of investing in coins, tokens, and NFTs.

Chart 1. The increasing number of users (wallets) suggests that more and more people are searching for a place where they can quickly check a token's information and price. - token browser - charts and transactions

Market and competitive advantage.

The vast majority of the blockchain market participants (60%) buy cryptocurrencies as an investment expecting an increase in their value. Over 27% treat cryptocurrencies as instruments to store value. This means that almost all users on the blockchain market are interested in and follow the prices of tokens. Considering the current number of users (81 million wallets in March 2022 according to Statista), which is constantly increasing, the demand for information services regarding tokens is enormous and will continue to grow. There are currently only two young websites on the market that offer charts and real-time quotes of tokens from decentralized exchanges. Dexer already has technology that significantly exceeds both of these services and after launching the website, it can quickly become the market leader. This is a great opportunity for investors who acquire Dexer tokens early on.

Chart 2. Reasons that mobile phone users in Great Britain and the US own cryptocurrency.

Dexer is a unique website for token holders and those looking to profit from them. It offers the following features:

  • The ability to track all your tokens on different chains (as opposed to quotes for tokens from centralized exchanges offered by other websites or websites dedicated to a single chain)
  • Unique tools and charts that are only available on Dexer (Dexer provides its own charting tools rather than relying on the charts of a single data provider, as is the case with other websites)
  • Easy monitoring of the market and management of your tokens through automatic signals and orders
  • Protection against fraud and fake tokens through the Anti-Scam Filter
  • The opportunity to earn money through the User Activity program for each display of a quote, chart, or post sharing

Business model.

Dexer generates revenue from advertising. In 2020, the blockchain advertising market in the media, advertising, and entertainment industry was valued at $166.6 million and is expected to reach $4,371.31 million by 2026, representing an annual growth rate of 71.4% (CAGR). As a result, there will be a growing number of blockchain projects seeking funding, new tokens listed on decentralized exchanges, new NFTs, and new users and token holders. These developments will lead to a high demand for advertising space and a rapid increase in token holders and users who will want to access information about and the value of their tokens. Dexer is well-positioned to capitalize on these trends.

Chart 3. The value of the blockchain market in the media and advertising industry.

How does Dexer Profit?

We currently have several unique factors that favor the rapid development of the website, its profits, and consequently, the increase in the value of the token:

  • The early stage of market development and the opportunity to enter it at low cost.
  • The market for this service has the potential to grow significantly, potentially becoming a mass market with billions of users, leading to significant earning potential for the service in the future.
  • Low competition with products in the early stages of development, which allows Dexer to compete for a leading position in the market.
  • Limited advertising space for blockchain projects due to restrictions imposed on the industry by major advertising media (e.g. Google, Facebook, Twitter) and a small number of similar services, making it easier and cheaper to acquire advertisers.
  • High advertising rates due to the select nature of the website's users (token holders), leading to higher revenues and profits from advertising.

Token utility.

Dexer generates revenue from advertising and uses a portion of this income to reward users and to purchase and increase the value of its tokens. The more revenue and users the company has, the higher the value of the tokens. Each month, 8% of's advertising revenue is used to buy tokens. This is a real inflow of cash, setting the Dexer token economics apart from many other blockchain projects. The goal is to achieve 100 million views per month, resulting in annual token purchases of over two million dollars, thereby increasing the value of the tokens. In addition to increasing the value of the tokens, this mechanism allows investors to sell or buy tokens on the exchange at their discretion.

Dexer - User Activity Token Mechanism

Dexer is the User Activity Token - a token whose Tokenomic is based on community activities. The number of activities performed by website users (Activity) translates into views and ad revenue. Growing revenues from advertising allow Dexer to buy back more and more tokens, which limits the supply and increases the price of the token. The User Activity Token is a revolutionary, original adaptation of the concept of "move to earn" and "play to earn" and draws on the experience of concepts such as Activity = Reward, Rewards for Completing Activities, Activity Rewards.

Investors have a chance to make a profit in the coming months as Dexer gains traction among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Investing in Dexer token now at a low price and getting in on the project early, before it is listed on exchanges, is a great opportunity for potential returns.