Connext Network

@ConnextNetwork ushers in a new era of crosschain innovation with its pioneering crosschain Airdrop distribution, establishing a blueprint for future interchain Airdrops. An impressive allocation of 105,631,496.18 $NEXT tokens, valued at around US$ 18,000,000 , is up for distribution and can be traded on Bybit . About Connext Connext is an innovative, trustless cross-chain communication network with a modular protocol that streamlines fund and data transfers. It's designed for developers constructing secure bridges and cross-chain applications (xApps). Established in 2017, Connext's mission is to simplify Web3 interactions by abstracting the complexities of blockchain interactions. $NEXT stands as the governance and utility token within the Connext ecosystem, deployed seamlessly across supported chains as a xERC20 token. Looking ahead, NEXT's utility will expand to enable "ungovernance" of the network, facilitating permissionless activities like routing, chain support, and token listing via NEXT staking, subject to DAO approval.