CEO Is Super Bullish On Solana, Predicts SOL To 2X If This Pattern Is Confirmed

Raoul Pal, the founder of Real Vision and one of crypto frequent commentators, thinks  SOL, the native currency of Solana, a smart contract platform, has “been extremely bullish all year.” In Pal’s assessment, the coin will likely double in the next few sessions, especially if there is a welcomed breakout above the immediate liquidation level. Taking to X on October 20, the founder noted that SOL has rallied by 171% in 2023 alone. At the same time, looking at technical candlestick arrangements, the immediate resistance level that traders should watch out for is $30. This line, Pal thinks, marks a critical liquidation level per the “big inverse head and shoulders” pattern evident in the daily chart. In technical analysis, this pattern signals that bear momentum is slowing, and the uptrend could be around the corner. Often, it forms when prices make three lows, with the middle low (the head) being lower than the other two lows (the shoulders). Pal Is Bullish On Solana, Will SOL 2x? Even so, as Pal notes, the uptrend will be valid once there is a high volume bullish breakout above the “neckline.” In the Solana price chart in the daily chart, the neckline is at $30, a psychological level buyers have failed to break since it was registered in July 2023. This level also marks Solana’s highest price this year. While Solana struggles to overcome the strong resistance by USDT (and technically USD bulls), SOL bulls have been easing past resistance levels versus Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). As of October 2023, SOL bulls appear to be reversing losses posted in 2022 versus the two top coins by market cap. To highlight this development, SOL is trading at new 2023 highs versus Ethereum, reversing losses and edging higher as bulls flock. SOL bulls have broken two critical liquidation zones at spot levels versus Ethereum registered in January and July. Still, Ethereum remains solid from a top-down preview, up 70% versus SOL reading from the SOLETH daily chart. Will SOL Rally Trigger “Crypto Summer” In 2024? While SOL bulls double down, the Real Vision CEO thinks the coin could lead the market to a “Crypto Summer” in 2024. The uptrend could be fanned by several developments, especially on partnerships struck in the recent past. In early September, Visa, a global payment processor, introduced USDC settlement on Solana, citing the network’s high throughput. Through this extension, Visa hopes to “improve the speed of cross-border settlement and provide a modern option for our clients to easily send or receive funds from Visa’s treasury.”