Arc8 by GAMEE

The Beasties are here! Step into the future of gaming with @ARC8App GameFest, a premier event in the Web3 arena, taking place from November 16-30. Dive into before the deadline on November 8th! Participants have the chance to compete daily and win big from a massive prize pool of $120,000 in tokens and NFTs. Unleash your skills, feed your Beastie, and get ready to claim your victory! 👾 About Arc8 (by GAMEE) Arc8  is a distinguished mobile gaming platform, created by the Arcade of Blockchain, GAMEE , a subsidiary of @AnimocaBrands . It offers an array of thrilling games, ranging from the newly introduced live multiplayer experiences in Disc-O Mania and Cranky Monkey , to a variety of sports, card, action games, and puzzles The $GMEE token sits at the core of the ecosystem, rewarding players as they outplay others in this enhanced blockchain gaming ecosystem.